Elen Le Foll

Ph.D., M.A., M.Sc.

Linguistics, Education & Interpreting


Conference Interpreter, M.A.

English (A) – French (A) – German (B)


Applied linguistics and quantitative methods (University of Cologne), Conference interpreting (TH Köln)

Post-doctoral Researcher

Applied linguistics and foreign language education (University of Cologne)


Corpus Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching, Media and Data Literacy, Learner phraseology, Sociolinguistics


Applied Linguistics, Quantitative Methods, English Language Teaching, Digital Literacy, Academic English, English and French as Foreign Languages



Simultaneous, Consecutive, Liaison,  Whispered Interpreting and Interpreter Training


   2016 – 2022

Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics / English Language Teaching

Osnabrück University
Institute of English and American Studies
Thesis: Textbook English: A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Language of EFL textbooks used in Secondary Schools in France, Germany and Spain
Grade: Summa cum laude


   2017 – 2021

M.Sc. Cognitive Science

Osnabrück University
Majors: (Computational) Linguistics & Cognitive Psychology
M.Sc. thesis: A New Tagger for the Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Register Variation in English

2011 – 2016

M.A. Conference Interpreting

University of Applied Science in Cologne
M.A. thesis: Collocational competence in English as a B language

Sep. – Dec. 2014

Conference Interpreting

Erasmus semester at ISIT, Paris

2006 – 2010

Logo of Trinity Laban

Bachelor of Music (Hons) First

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London
Winner of the Isabelle Bond Gold Medal (2010)

Conference Interpreter

  • Based in Cologne, Germany.
  • Regularly working in Bonn, the Ruhr area, Mainz, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Strasbourg …
  • Working Languages: English (A), French (A), German (B)

Language Combinations

   English French   
   French German  
  German English 


Conference Interpreter

  • Based in Cologne, Germany.
  • Regularly working in Bonn, the Ruhr area, Mainz, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Strasbourg …
  • Member of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD)
  • Working Languages: English (A), French (A), German (B)

Language Combinations

  English French   
   French German  
  German English


Interpreting Experience

Automative and railway engineering, logistics, IT

Culture, arts, education

Environment, climate change, renewable energies

International development, aid, human rights

Board meetings, AGMs, press conferences, works councils

International law, trade, negotiations

Interpreting Modes

UN Climate Change Conference 2017, Bonn

Consecutive and Liaison Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means that the interpreter first listens to an extended section of a speech while taking notes using a special technique. The interpreter renders the speech in the target language immediately afterwards using her notes to ensure that no detail or nuance is omitted. Since the interpretation is provided consecutively rather than in real time, event organisers should be aware that this mode requires around twice as much time as simultaneous interpreting.

Typical settings: dinner speeches, welcome addresses, bilateral negotiations, guided tours, etc.

When consecutive interpreting involves the translation of shorter sections of what has been said after the speaker pauses, it is usually referred to as liaison or bilateral interpreting.

Typical settings: round table negotiations, technical discussions, lunch meetings, etc.

Global Landscape Forum 2017, Bonn

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting involves the translation of the spoken word virtually in real time. This requires exceptional concentration on the part of the interpreter. As a result, interpreters work in a team of two (or sometimes three) simultaneous interpreters taking turns every 20 to 30 minutes. Interpreters work side by side in a soundproof interpreting booth which contains an interpreting console, with a microphone and headphones, per interpreter.

If your venue does not have built-in interpreting booths, there are usually many good local portable booth providers to choose from. If you have any questions on interpreting modes and the necessary equipment, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Typical settings: conferences, presentations, multilingual meetings, negotiations, shows, gala events, etc.

Women's Rights Networking Event 2015, Cologne

Whispered Interpreting

Whispering (also known as chuchotage) is a special form of simultaneous interpreting which is only suitable in certain situations. The interpreters stand or sit beside (or just behind) the person(s) requiring interpretation and whisper their interpreted version of the speech to them in real time.

For an assignment lasting longer than 30 minutes, this mode of interpreting requires a team of at least two conference interpreters. To keep noise levels down for the other participants, whispering is only ever provided for one or, at most, two listeners. This technique is not suitable for events requiring interpreting into more than one language.


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Consecutive, liaison and whispered interpreting during Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Berlin in January 2017 (Photo © AFP)